1. I didn’t get the “dress up” memo I guess. Charlee is definitely the star here though. What light in our life! 

  2. Antique shopping with the grandparents. Love them! 

  3. So incredibly goofy. 

  4. SO long ago and we’re still the cutest things ever.

  5. Tuesday lunch time! Soup, sandwich, and Hulu as per usu……al.

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  6. 2011




    …and now it’s 2014. We’ll have to come up with something different this year I think!

  7. This is our lives now.
    We don’t really mind it…. at all. :)

  8. Gotcha!


  9. We’re on a diet!

    And for the first time we’re not breaking it the next day or the day after! It’s not actually a diet either… We’re completely binging on all foods that are super good for you.

  10. Went to Oxford on the oldest running ferry service and… a slug on the door!

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  11. Wonderful things we found in little stores on the trip

  12. Hanging out in St. Michael’s. Clearly we are the best boaters and rain lovers. 

  13. Trip in the shuttle from the Washington DC airport to the fancy yacht club in Annapolis.

  14. (Gordon Photography - Pocatello, ID)

  15. Spring 2013! This photo shoot was amazing and she is always even more so.
    (by Gordon Photography - Pocatello, ID)